THE TRUTH, A Coming of Age, Selfie Film

THE TRUTH, A Coming of Age, Selfie Film

'THE TRUTH: A Coming of Age, Selfie Film', Official Selection at the 2016 Garden State Film Festival (GSFF), Winner at GSFF 2016 for the award for best pop song!

A young girl keeps her diary as selfie video entries on a smart phone and reaches out to the audience. She shares newly found emotions... likes, loves, hates, life changes, being afraid to grow up and being excited about getting older... all at the same time. This complex expression of emotions lets us in to the more secret corners of her life, and perhaps the life of many teens... Based on the original book, "The Truth: Diary of a Gutsy Tween" - by Barbara Becker Holstein.
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HD - COLOR - 16 mins - Directed by Barbara Becker Holstein

THE TRUTH, A Coming of Age, Selfie Film

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    This is the story of a young girl with intense feelings, emotions, and questions who directs them to her diary as as videos in her smartphone. She pledges to always tell the truth, including secrets that no-one else will know.

    Color - 2016 - Directed by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein